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If you want to learn Bahasa Indonesia – Indonesian language then this is the place for you. You will find and learn phrases that cover many aspects of everyday language use such as greetings, introducing your self, getting directions, and many more.

 “Why should I learn bahasa?” and “Is learning Bahasa Indonesia really worth it?”

Non-Indonesian speaking people who live or stay in Indonesia for some reasons, either it is because they have been hired to work in one of multinational companies in Indonesia, or because they are housewives and children who are following their husbands and fathers who are working in Indonesia, or even some seasonal tourists who like to visit Indonesia many times; need to be able to communicate with  indigenous. It is because there are no many Indonesian people who can communicate in English well, including those who are supposed to be able to speak in English.

Though, most of Indonesian people have learned how to speak English during school. Yet they do not really know how to communicate with foreigners using the proper English language. So there is no other choice for the expatriates in Indonesia other than trying to learn Bahasa Indonesia.

It is easy to learn Bahasa Indonesia. As long as you know the KEY to arrange words into a sentence, you can make good sentences, and even a paragraph. It is just that simple.